The SIDP Podcast

Push and Pull: Combating Antibiotic Resistance from Discovery to Market Reform

Dr. Mike Dudley, President and CEO of Qpex Biopharma, joins Dr. Erin McCreary to discuss the thrills and failures of antibiotic discovery and development along with the critical need for antibiotic market reform. We discuss the complexity of antibiotic resistance in gram-negative pathogens, antibiotic targets, potential market solutions, and more!

Waking the Sleeping Giant: Engaging Nurses in Antimicrobial Stewardship

Dr. David Ha (Antimicrobial Stewardship Pharmacist, Stanford Health Care) interviews Dr. Rita Olans (Assistant Professor, MGH Institute of Health Professions, School of Nursing) and Dr. Elizabeth Monsees (Antibiotic Stewardship Program Manager, Children’s Mercy Hospital) about the critical role nurses play in antimicrobial stewardship. They discuss how nursing practice overlaps with stewardship teams, case examples of nurse integration in stewardship in various practice settings, guidance documents, and real-world advice for advancing your stewardship services with nursing collaboration.

See C. diff: A Discussion on Patient Advocacy

Christian John Lillis, co-founder and Executive Director of the Peggy Lillis Foundation, joins Breakpoints to share his mother’s story and discuss opportunities and challenges for patient advocacy and antimicrobial resistance

5 Ways Hospital Pharmacists Can Be Antibiotics Aware

Dr. Susan Davis and Dr. Jason Pogue celebrate Antibiotic Awareness Week by discussing the 5 Ways Hospital Pharmacists Can Be Antibiotics Aware, including: verify penicillin allergy, avoid duplicate anaerobic coverage, reassess antibiotic therapy, avoid treatment of asymptomatic bacteriuria, use the shortest effective antibiotic duration.

CDC Core Elements of Hospital Antibiotic Stewardship Programs: 2019 Update

Dr. Arjun Srinivasan and Dr. Melinda Neuhauser join host Dr. Erin McCreary to discuss the updated Core Elements of Hospital Antibiotic Stewardship Programs from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. These updates emphasize the importance of pharmacist and physician co-led stewardship programs and expanding the stewardship team to all hospital groups and departments.

Pumpkin-Spiced Lessons: Phages, Posters, and Paul Sax

Panelists go “rapid fire” through posters and oral abstracts presented at IDWeek 2019, nerd out over genomics, phages, and beta-lactamases, and discuss the new CAP and vancomycin guidelines while Dr. Paul Sax reviews updates in HIV.

Provocative Titles and Pro-Con Debates

Panelists discuss the IDWeek 2019 session "We're Part of the Problem: How ID Killed Antibiotic Development' and other hot topics including pro-con debates, behavioral approaches to antimicrobial stewardship, and more.

Late Breaker Trials and #WhyIVaccinate

Episode Notes

Learn about some big announcements from IDWeek 2019 including the #WhyIVaccinate movement, data from late-breaking clinical trials, new partnerships, and more!

Practice-changing Publications ft. David van Duin

Dr. David van Duin joins panelists to review “Clinical Trials That Might Change Your Practice” in bacteriology, virology, and mycology from IDWeek 2019.

So You're an Antimicrobial Steward... Now What?

Panelists share real-world experiences in order to empower new (and existing) practitioners as antimicrobial stewardship leaders. Find out how to get started based on different training and work environments, develop relationships with key players, and address the importance of “big picture” goal setting within stewardship programs. Listen and learn (and get ready for some great stories!)