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1 year ago

#31 – “Mind the Gap”: Antimicrobial Stewardship at Transitions of Care

Antimicrobial stewardship is often an inpatient effort and overlooked at transitions of care. Dr. April Dyer (@aprildyerid) and Dr. Rachel Kenney (@rkenneypharmd) share insight with host Dr. David Ha (@DHpharmD) on current practice and barriers, and strategies for pharmacists to bring antimicrobial stewardship in the discharge process. 

Episode content:

  • 00:14: Welcome and introductions:
  • 04:39: Project overview: "Developing Patient Safety Outcome Measures and Measurement Tools for Antimicrobial Stewardship Program”
  • 06:45: Scope of the problem (Scarpato et al.)
  • 07:56: Michigan data (Vaughn et al.)
  • 09:13: Building a business case
  • 12:32: Where to Start?
  • 12:54: Henry Ford Health System experience
  • 15:18: IT solutions
  • 17:22: 1% rule
  • 20:26: Identifying and engaging key players
  • 20:47: Outpatient pharmacy
  • 22:29: Skilled nursing facilities
  • 23:19: Case management relationship
  • 24:23: Barriers to implementation
  • 29:08: Quantifying total duration 
  • 30:00: Identify electronic methods to capture total duration therapy attributable to hospitalization
  • 32:16: CDC recommendation "Use the shortest effective antibiotic duration" 
  • 33:16: Final remarks & acknowledgements
  • 34:38: Outro


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Disclosures Dr. April Dyer and Rachel Kenney report no relevant financial disclosures. SIDP reports no relevant financial disclosures. 

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