The SIDP Podcast
2 months ago

#96 – The Tortured Stewards & Surgeons Department

Episode Notes

The Society of Infectious Diseases Pharmacists is excited to invite you to the first ever meeting (via Breakpoints) of The Tortured Stewards & Surgeons Department. Today’s agenda items: optimal management of perioperative antibiotics and prevention of surgical site infections.

Drs. Trisha Peel (@DrTrishaPeel), Michael Calderwood (@CalderwoodMD) and Patch Dellinger join Dr. Jillian Hayes (@thejillianhayes) to discuss some of the controversies we encounter while managing antibiotics in the perioperative space. Does anyone really need post-op antimicrobial prophylaxis longer than 24 hours? Where should vancomycin be fitting into surgical prophylaxis regimens? Can we truly give pre-operative cefazolin to patients with a penicillin allergy? Tune in for the answers to these questions and more!

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